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Oct 12, 2019 | Blog

When it comes to drinking culture in Barbados, most people would associate it with rum, as rum production and consumption in Barbados has hundred-years long history. In recent decades, however, wine consumption has increased significantly among both visitors and locals. Consequently, the availability and quality of wines in Barbados are much better than ever before.

You can find a great selection of wines from different countries and continents in Barbados today. With Barbadian culture, we prefer fruitier drinks. Trying a new wine is always an exciting experience, as there are so many different grape varieties and wine styles available. So, here are five top wines available in Barbados you should try if you are into wine.



This amazing wine with sweet flavours of orange and peach blossom is made with Muscat Blanc – one of the oldest wine grapes in the world that mostly grow in Europe. Each region has its own Moscato style, such as Italian sparkling and semi-sparkling Moscato, the rare Red Moscato of Italy and the United States or non-sparkling fruity Moscatel from Spain.

Pair slightly chilled Moscato wine with spicy Asian food, chicken, lobster, or pork tenderloin.


Minuty M

Minuty M is Côte de Provence rosé from Grenache and Tibouren grape varieties. This light pale pink wine with intense aromas of red currant and orange peels is definitely one of the warm summer day essentials. Its dry palate with delicate fruit aromas pairs well with grilled meat and raw vegetables.



Prosecco is Italy’s most popular sparkling wine. It originates from the Valdobbiadene region in Veneto and is made with Glera or Prosecco grapes. While most Prosecco wines are dry, you can find much sweeter varieties in the market today.

As with other sparklers, Prosecco should be served cold. It pairs well with a wide range of dishes and cuisines. However, because of its bubbles and sweetness, Prosecco matches great with spicy Southeast Asian cuisine.


Pinot Grigio

Pinot Grigio is dry, acidy white wine made with Pinot Gris grapes. The flavours of this wine range from limes and lemons to green apples while the colour varies from a deep golden yellow to light pink. Although most people associate Pinot Grigio with Italy, this wine was actually born in Burgundy, France.

Serve Pinot Grigio chilled. Lighter fish dishes such as Sole or Pickerel and light pasta sauces go great with this wine.


Light Fruity Red Pinot Noir

This is the red wine with a delightfully perfumed nose of fresh red fruits like cherries, strawberries, and raspberries. Light fruity red Pinot Noir is very delicate and refreshing, due to its high acidity. Light in body and colour, Pinot Noir is ideal for drinking during the warm summer evenings. Serve light fruity red Pinot Noir slightly chilled. As one of the most versatile wines, Pinot Noir successfully pairs with a great variety of dishes and cuisine options. Feel confident to pair this earthy red wine with everything from cheese and chocolate to salmon, beef, or pork.

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