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Aug 14, 2019 | Blog

Photo Credit: Jared Rice

Our hectic lives, busy careers, and everyday hassles often cause us to feel drained and overwhelmed. However, the good news is that people have paid more attention to behaviours that promote their mental and physical health in recent decades.

So, many decide to sign up for yoga classes while on holidays and make most of their time away from home.


Why Yoga in Barbados?

Yoga has countless benefits for your physical and mental health. Research shows that yoga is a powerful tool to lessen chronic pain, improve sleep, and lower blood pressure. Also, yoga can help you boost resilience and cope with stress, focus your attention, and sharpen concentration.

Besides, this amazing technique helps you use your intuition and boosts your spiritual awareness. Yoga has proven to be very effective in shifting your energy to a higher vibrational emotional point and attracting positivity in your life.

In a calm and open state of mind during yoga practice, your increased awareness helps you find creative solutions and attract positivity. In other words, yoga will teach you how to control your energy vibration and attract only positive things to your life.

So, if you want to take care of your mind and body while on your holidays, check out these three yoga studios/instructors to try in Barbados. All three are excellent yoga studios, ready to accommodate your needs and preferences while on holiday in Barbados. For example, the yoga teachers will come to the villa you live or vacation in, to make most of your Barbados yoga experience.


Photo Credit: Santosha Yoga


Santosha Yoga

Stef, the founder and the owner of Santosha Yoga has been passionate about teaching since her teenage years. Today, her clients in Barbados love Stef’s Stand Up Paddle (SUP) yoga classes. If you love yoga, are passionate about the ocean and enjoy the sunsets, you’ll adore Santhosa Yoga SUP classes. Those who have tried it say it is extremely fun, relaxing and memorable experience.

Photo Credit: Sunshine Kula Yoga


Sunshine Kula Yoga Studio

Pamela Harris’ yoga studio, Sunshine Kula is a great place for both beginners and yoga instructors. If you’re looking for an inspiring experience during your holidays, Sunshine Kula Yoga studio is the place to try. Set in a beautiful lush garden, many find this yoga studio a true paradise retreat. You’ll meet a nice mix of tourists and locals and very welcoming teachers. A great place to practice yoga if you are staying on Barbados’ west coast.

Photo Credit: Yoga Samudra


Yoga Samudra

Book private yoga session with Jen Coco in your villa or attend Vinyasa Flow yoga classes at Castaways in Bridgetown. You can also arrange with Jen to pick you up for your class. Yoga Samundra means “yoga by the sea”. So, if you enjoy practising yoga with the view, this studio is a place to go.

Yoga is much more tan practising breathing techniques and performing challenging poses. Rather, yoga is an authentic lifestyle that provides more balance and clarity in every aspect of your life. Applying yogic principles to your day-to-day life will improve your mood and overall health and encourage a sense of calmness that helps manage everyday stress and anxiety.

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