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May 25, 2019 | Blog

The island of Barbados is known for a lot of marvellous features – the people, the pristine white beaches and crystal blue waters, lush vegetation and greenery that stretch as far as the eye can see and the perfect weather that attracts holidaymakers and vacationers to want to spend their quiet time alone, with friends or with families.

If you have never been to Barbados, you are in for an amazing experience that spans the length and breadth of the island

Barbados is not just for vacationer and thrill seekers, its lush greenery and flat geography has made it the perfect spot for golfers – professional or newbie who comes to strike a birdie in the numerous playing fields that litter the island.

Top Luxury Golf Courses in Barbados

If you are a golfer desiring the ultimate golf holiday, then Barbados is for you. For years the scenery, greenery, and shape of the various golf course across Barbados have been eye-catching for golfers everywhere.



The Sandy Lane Golf Course

This is Barbados best and leading golf course built on what was a sugar plantation and has bagged several awards at the best golf course in Barbados. A very professionally championship designed course, it is a standard 18 hole course and a 450-yard driving range located on the Country club.

A challenging and interesting 7,060-yard course that allows golfers to breathe in the ambience and sceneries of the Caribbean Sea as they swing their golf balls around the course.

The luxury style clubhouse is fitted with modern amenities like

  • Spacious, private and comfortable changing rooms
  • A place where you can rent the best golf clubs and shoes
  • Caddies that can carry you around the course as you play – it is charged.
  • The course is fitted with a GPD system ensuring you know where you are always.
  • It also comes with a play guide for new golfers



The Royal Westmoreland Golf Course

Although the golf course will have your jaw agape, the classic British setting of the Royal Westmoreland community is one to experience in person. The estate is so stunning, and the golf course captures the beautiful natural scene that Barbados is known for.

The golf course is an 18 Hole championship lush green field that spreads across 750 acres of land overlooking the elegant Caribbean Sea making every birdie feel like a breeze.

The course is a bit challenging but cleverly constructed to get your adrenaline pumping as you get around on par. The first 4 holes ease you into the golf spirit but the next challenges you skill and resolve as a golfer.

The construction of the Royal Westmoreland enables golfers or vacationers to be able to rent a property while enjoying Barbados. If you are looking to own a property or rent on for the duration of your stay in Barbados on the Royal Westmoreland, visit for more information now.

Some amenities available to enhance your golfing experience are

  • A shop with all things golfing
  • A driving range
  • Practice green sections
  • A clubhouse and short game academy to get you in the swinging mood
  • Shoes and clubs for hire and a well stocked, comfortable dressing room



Ape Hill Golf Course

At almost 1,000 feet above sea level, this new course presents a subtle challenge even for the most experienced golfer. Seated among the richly diverse greeneries nature has offered to Barbados, this 470 acres piece of land allows you to enjoy the fine breeze as you swing your club but also own a piece of property overlooking some of the best views in Barbados.

The golf location is a beautiful layout of 7150 yards and par 72 opened in 2009 and regarded as a Country Club as it offers other sports like tennis and polo until you hit your 18th hole.

Some amenities are refreshing beverages, lunch or dinner from the clubhouse for registered members;
Guest also enjoys excellent practice grounds with high-quality golf ball to get you in the golfing spirit.
Shoes and clubs for hire and a comfortable locker room
Whether you are here to play golf or enjoy the scenic views of Barbados, having your own property is just a swing away. With great locations and a viable real estate market, Barbados offers visitors to take a piece of the island as theirs in a home.

If you desire home on any of the places listed above, contact us today at

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